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Dayton Audio — Setting the New Outdoor Standard


  • Dayton Audio — Setting the New Outdoor Standard

    By: Ronnie P.
    Parts Express Line Manager

    Dayton Audio has once again set out to challenge perceptions that fantastic-sounding speakers have to break the bank. Dayton Audio’s new line of indoor/outdoor speakers and subwoofers deliver exceptional value and performance while remaining cost-effective.

    Outdoor Speakers Have Never Sounded So Good The Dayton Audio IO65XT 6-1/2" indoor/outdoor speaker delivers a shocking low-end response which is uncharacteristic of outdoor audio systems. Engineered with a passive radiator design, the IO65XT produces surprisingly deep, yet clean bass without the need for an additional subwoofer. The passive radiator effectively allows the speaker to dig down and produce an extended low-end while keeping the enclosure small. The 6-1/2" woofer coupled with a 1" silk dome tweeter delivers a smooth high end to complement effortless bass, creating an enjoyable listening experience both indoors and out.

    Built-in 70/100 volt transformer taps with an 8 ohm bypass option, means the IO65XT works equally great with both contractor and residential amplifiers making them the perfect go-to speaker for any type of installation. Transformer taps allow contractors to use the speaker in commercial installs such as background paging and music systems, restaurant and bar audio, or office buildings, while the 8 ohm bypass also makes the speaker ideal for residential installs around pools, patios, and porches. Flaunting an IP65 ABS weather-resistant enclosure (available in both black and white), the IO65XT is well suited for outdoor applications, even in unfavorable environmental conditions. The mounting brackets included with the speakers are an installer’s dream. Quick and easy to install, the IO65XT saves both time and money with an intuitive design that allows the speakers to be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

    Inconspicuous Bass—Felt Not Seen

    The Dayton Audio IOSUB 10" subwoofer is a perfect complement to your outdoor audio system when you want to add even more bass. A robust 10" high excursion woofer provides 300 watts of ground-rattling power handling for an added tactile dimension to your outdoor listening area. Dayton Audio’s unobtrusive, downward-firing design lets you keep the sub out of view by installing it under decks or behind bushes without losing audio quality. The IP66 rated weather-resistant enclosure is built to withstand Mother Nature and protect the sub to give you years of reliable performance. Dayton Audio also offers the IOSUB2, which includes all of the same great features as the IOSUB, but adds satellite outputs that easily connect to external speakers.

    Adding Value to a Reputation

    Dayton Audio proves that outdoor audio can sound exceptionally great at an affordable price point. The versatile IO65XT and robust IOSUB continue to build onto Dayton Audio’s legacy of producing reliable, high-quality speakers with unparalleled sonic performance. You no longer need to sacrifice audio quality in your outdoor listening area. Choose the IO65XT and IOSUB for your next install and take the famous Dayton Audio quality outside with you.
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