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Dayton Audio MK Boom - BOOM BOOM BOOM


  • Dayton Audio MK Boom - BOOM BOOM BOOM

    The Dayton Audio MK series of speakers have become a popular, fan favorite bookshelf speaker. Utilizing the same drivers as the great sounding MK series, the MKBoom DIY Bluetooth speaker kit carries on family legacy while adding grab-n-go portability.

    Powered by the efficient, yet robust Dayton Audio KAB-230v3 Bluetooth amplifier board, the MKBoom features 2 x 30 watts of output while minimizing power draw. Since power consumption is low, the amp board can be powered by 18650 Li-Ion batteries using the KAB-BE battery extension board. The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX provides modern streaming convenience to the speaker so you can stream
    high-quality, low-latency audio.

    Not only portable but also extremely ergonomic, the MKBoom features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity as well as a 3.5 mm Aux input. The KAB-PMV3 panel mount gives the kit a professional finish with easy access to all of the MKBoom’s functionality controls such as volume, power, Aux input, Bluetooth pairing, and status LEDs. Silkscreen labels clearly identify each function of the panel. Predrilled holes and solderless
    connections to the amp make the panel mount simple to install.

    Same Beloved Audio Quality as the Dayton Audio MK Series

    With the MKBoom using the same Dayton Audio drivers as the rest of the MK speaker family, it produces the same critically acclaimed audio excellence audio enthusiasts have come to love. The four-driver design features two Dayton Audio TCP115-4 4" woofers and two TD20F-4 3/4" silk dome tweeters. The combination of these drivers deliver deep, clean bass with an airy, smooth high-end that ensures a natural, enjoyable listening experience.

    Fun and Simple Step-by-Step Assembly

    Easy to follow step-by-step instructions walk you through the painless assembly process. In a matter of hours, you can assemble the kit which makes the MKBoom a great introduction into the speaker building world. The kit includes all the components needed to build an amazing sounding, portable speaker. Add a handle for a portable design making the MKBoom the perfect grab-n-go speaker for everyday use. Some standard tools are required to assemble the enclosure.

    Parts Express - Product #300-7166
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