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Audioholics 2019 Product of the Year Award for best Budget Tower Speaker!


  • Audioholics 2019 Product of the Year Award for best Budget Tower Speaker!

    Dayton Audio Challenges the Perception of Budget Tower Speakers

    DAYTON, OH (December 18, 2019) – The Dayton Audio MK442T Tower Speakers won the Audioholics 2019 Product of the Year Award for best Budget Tower Speaker!

    Building on the success of the MK442 center channel speaker, which was named Audioholics's 2018 budget bookshelf speaker of the year, Dayton Audio has since announced the release of the MK442T 2-way transmission line tower speaker.

    The MK442T continues the motif of high-fi audio quality, elegant enclosure design, and engineering sophistication the MK family provides while retaining budget friendly sensibility. The new tower speaker utilizes the same driver and tweeter as the previous MK models, meaning they will flawlessly complement any MK speaker. Pairing dual 4" paper cone woofers and a 3/4" soft dome tweeter with a painstakingly designed crossover system and efficient quarter wave transmission line enclosure, the MK442T delivers a tight low end down to 40 Hz while still representing the vocal range accurately.
    The quarter wave transmission line enclosure makes it possible to produce deep articulate bass with smaller drivers and lower profile enclosures. Compared to a traditional bass reflex cabinet, a transmission line is able to produce lower bass without the worry of port resonance and turbulence. This means better bass, lower distortion and a smaller footprint.

    The crossover featured in the MK442T utilizes a 3 kHz, 2nd order low pass and a 3rd order high pass section, and was designed to deliver the smoothest, flattest frequency response possible.

    Create a complete timbre matched home theater setup; just add a pair of MK402 bookshelf speakers, an MK442 center channel and a powered subwoofer like our SUB-1500. The Dayton Audio MK442T challenges the preconceived notion that budget speaker systems sacrifice audio quality for economical pricing.

    The MK442T tower speakers stand just over 38" tall and are sold in pairs.

    About Dayton Audio

    For more than 20 years, Dayton Audio has been a leading supplier for audio and video, combining real-world design with high-tech manufacturing techniques to offer some of the finest consumer electronic products today. Every Dayton Audio product is designed and engineered in the USA to provide the highest level of performance and value, backed by industry-leading warranties and support. Dayton Audio products can be purchased through authorized resellers including Parts Express ( Visit us online at

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