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Project Number 1: Sony-Speaker Re-Build [v1.0]

Current Materials

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What do we have right now:
1 X Sony CFD-F10 Stereo-Radio
1 X Sony CFD-S01 Stereo-Radio

I have disassembled the Radios and gotten to the speakers. Need to plan out the Cabinet/Enclosure.

The dimensions for the CDF-F10 (the bigger radio) are 16.5x6.5x10 [WHD] inches,

The dimensions for the CDF-S01 (the smaller radio) are 15(2/3)x7.5x6(9/19) [WHD] inches,

This gives us 2 x woofers, 2 x Mid-ranges(?), 2 x tweeters from the combination of the two; Plus a Passive-Radiator from the CFD-F10!

Now we need MDF!


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