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An informative blog on pronunciations and other words that just irritate me...

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I'll start this off with common words in the Speaker building hobby, like manufacturers names, etc.... then dilute my focus into words that seem to get misspelled, misstated, or misunderstood frequently. We can't always get this stuff from textual bases.

Accuton; "Ack-Q-tahn", from accuracy aplenty.

Hiquphon; "Hick-uh-fahn", founded by Oskar originally for the Fried tweeters.

Visaton; (auf Deutsch) "Fee-suh-taun", English I hear "Vy-Suh-tahn", means to display aplenty.

Aurum Cantus; (from Latin) "Ow-room Kahn-tooss", but English normally "Or-uhm Kan-tuss", and means golden melody or song.

SEAS is an acronym for Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems, and is typically pronounced as "Say-Ahz".

Audax, according to my BIL who was raised in France, comes from the tongue- "O-dahgz".

AURA- obviously "Or-Ah".

Eminence = "Em-In-Ents"

ERSE; "Err-Suh"

ETON; auf Deutsch would be "Ay-Taun", but English say "EE-tuhn".

Fostex = "Fahss-Tecks", not 'tek'.

Fountek = "Fown-tek", not "Fahn-tek".

Hi-Vi is "Hy-Vy" to me.

RAAL to me could be a few things:
"Rahl" is what I hear most often. "R-al" is also heard, but "Ray-uhl" could also be a possibility.
*Please correct me if you've heard it from the manufacturer's lips.

Tang Band is not Tang Bang. "Tang-Band".

Vifa = "Vee-Fuh".

Goertz and Mundorf should be auf Deutsch- "Go-wur-tss" and "Moon-Dorf" with rolls/lilt on the 'R'.

Neutrik auf Deutsch is "Noy-Treek", but commonly English says "New-trick".

Behringer- "Bayr-Reenger"

Most of the others I would think to be self explanatory.

To make a cabinet more dead, the term is to 'Damp', not 'dampen'. Therefore, the word 'Damping' is also correct.

'Loose' means to be not-tight, and should not be confused for 'Lose'; which is 1-to not be found or 2-lost.

'Tour' is pronounced 'Too(2)-Err', not 'Torr'.

Larynx and Pharynx are 'Layr-EEnks' and 'Fayr-EEnks', not 'nix'.

I'll add to this blog as I see fit.....


Updated 03-21-2012 at 01:14 AM by Wolf

General thought explosions, and perpetual personal meanderings


  1. John_Frum's Avatar
    What about Thiele? I've always wondered if I pronounce it correctly. I say, "thee uhl".
  2. Wolf's Avatar
    Nope- it's 'teel', or even 't-heel' if you make the H present. Just don't blur the 'T' and 'H' sounds to 'TH', keep them separate.

    This goes for Thiel Audio, Thiele/Small, and Thiele and Partner.

  3. Caiman's Avatar
    Goertz should be close to Gurts, although German "oe" (or , with Umlaut) is closer to French "eu", longer, and the following "r" opens towards a schwa ("ə") sound rather than a roll or a trill. Something like Gu-ats, or maybe like "goats" with the -oa- phonemes inverted.
  4. Wolf's Avatar
    Caiman- you are likely correct about that one.
    I took 4 yeats of German in HS, and Go-Urtz is likely more similar.
    What I stated would have been Guertz, not Goertz.
  5. Wolf's Avatar

    Nuclear- stated 'New-klee-er', not 'New-kyoo-ler' (Nucular)

    Difference between 'Less' and 'Fewer' is another one. More often than not- Less is used when it should be fewer. The latest Colgate commercial for instance- 'Less germs, healthier mouth' shoud be 'Fewer germs, healthier mouth'.

    When it comes to a number, 'fewer' should be used. Less is in terms of the whole.

    Another set of examples:
    If you have less money, you have fewer dollars.
    Less time, fewer hours.
    Less fruit, fewer oranges.
    Less of total, fewer items.

    More to come...
    Updated 12-20-2015 at 10:32 AM by Wolf (More clarity...)
  6. Wolf's Avatar
    I borrowed them to an audiophile friend...
    This word should be 'lent'. Technically your friend borrowed them.
  7. Wolf's Avatar
    Found another one:

    Advise is the verb form, pronounced 'ad-vyz'. Advice is the term for the recommendation. Ad-v-ice.
  8. Wolf's Avatar
    Okay- back to the 'damping' vs. 'dampening' discussion.....

    I know the other side of the coin backs up their usage of 'dampening' with the textbook definition of the word to make their point. To me, 'damping' is still the correct term. Let's think of this in terms of other 'damp(en)ing' usage in terms of speaker design....

    Q is a measurement of 'damping', and 'dampening' is not used in this sense in most cases. When you are getting a xover set up, the Q (or amount of damping) the filter uses is what categorizes the filter. 0.5 = LR, 0.707 = BW, etc; but I digress.... Dampening is not used to describe Xover Q.

    Qa, Qb, etc; are all the amount of damping the box alignments use to get your rolloff profile simulated.

    Now- I would be open to the premise that 'dampening' is typically only used to describe the material utilized in the Qa, Qb, and absorption factors in the box simulation. If this is the average/typical case, then Box lining material should be 'dampening', and 'damping' is the process or what the dampening is actually doing.

    So- as used in frequent, I still say that damping is the correct word, but the variation is usually characterized as being utilized differently in context.

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