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My bass-tracks for constant referral.....

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My 3-disc bass salute….

1-Circle of Dust-"Yurasuka"
2-Stabbing Westward-"Sometimes it Hurts"
3-Echoing Green-"You Won't be Lonely" (from "Sweet Family Music", a tribute to Stryper)
4-Fester-"Those who will burn will burn"
5-Incorporated-"F#9mm" (I use this track ALL the time, due to the lowest fundamental and sweeps)
6-Mortal-"FMZ4" (stands for Fre Merzasphor, no I don't know what it means)
7-Ash Wednesday-"Falling Down"
9-Fold Zan (formerly Mortal)-"King Planet"
10-Cult of Jester-"Retro O.G. (Pimp Remix)"
11-Circle of Dust-"Thulcandra"
12-Argyle Park-"Lonely" (from "Sweet Family Music")
13-Massivivid-"Epitome" (there is some DEEP rumbling at the beginning of thie one!)
14-Kohllapse-"Real Man in Quicksand" (I highly recommend this group's 2 cd's, as they are awesome!)
15-Mortal-"Streamrunner" (guaranteed to find things rattling)
17-Celldweller-"Frozen" (complex bass line, that is smeared when driven hard for most subwoofers, and it can clip your amp!)

2-Zao-"Five Year Winter"
3-Linkin Park-"Lying From You"
4-Blue Man Group-"Utne Wire Man"
5-Soul Embraced-"I Bury You"
6-Pettidee-"Wake Up"
7-Bass Mekanik-"Moonstone" (27Hz mostly)
8-Usher-"Yeah!" (just for bass!!!)
9-Soul Embraced-"The Hero"
10-Pettidee-"It's Goin' Down"
11-Fear Factory-"Shock"
12-Blue Man Group-"Endless Column"
13-Brainwash Projects-"Good Time Hotel" (It's a song from my past, and I still like it)
14-Filter-"Hey Man, Nice Shot"
15-Bush-"Everything Zen(Derek DeLarge Mix)"
16-Meshuggah-"Quant's Quantastical Quantasm" (ambient techno by Quant of DOT)
17-Meshuggah-"Future Breed Machine (Mayhem Version)"

1-Bass Alien(bass mekanik)-"Alien bass"
2-Bass Alien-"Species"
3-White Zombie-"More human than human"
4-Argyle Park-"Diesel" (boy is this good throbbing bass!)
5-Bass Hit-"Bass Alert"
6-Screams Of Chaos-"Genetic War"
7-Mental Destruction-"Beyond Consciousness"
8-Mental Destruction-"The Lord Reigns"
9-Linkin Park-"FRGT/10(Alchemist ftg. Chali2NA)"
10-AP2-"Silhouette of Rage"
11-Mental Destruction-"Into Nothingness"
13-AP2-"The End"
14-Mental Destruction-"These Brutal Times Adored"
15-Die Krupps-"Battery(refiltered by Filter section)"; (off of Blackest Album 1, Metallica tribute)
16-Razed in Black-"The Thing That Should Not Be(Back in Black mix)"
17-Hellsau-"Master of Puppets"
18-Mental Destruction-"This Darker Entity"
19-Bass Alien-"Darkstar"
20-15Hz sine-wave(beware!)

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