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The Voxxers come alive

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Short and sweet on this post. I've taken the week off to slam out at least one pair of speakers before the Dayton show. Those are the Voxxers. Well, if all goes well enough, the Voxxer-M. I've already built and sold the basis of the Voxxer-S in a way, that being the Clonads which use the Usher 9950-20 tweeter (yeah, baby) and the totally underutilized Dynavox LM5004PWR woofer.

The Voxxer-M uses the Usher 9930-20 tweeter which has a little less refined motor than the 9950 but hell if I can tell the difference between the two from their sound. Either tweeter gets you going with some absolutely fabulous sound quality and performance. Both are great values IMO. The -M uses the Dynavox LM6004PWR woofer, which just does a bit more down low than it's little brother.

The -M just went into the start of the voicing process tonight. I drummed up a crossover in the PCD for starters and tweakage will start in earnest tomorrow. That said, I really don't know what I'd change right now. From their maiden run with the basic crossover I noted just a hint of forwardness in some female vocals but it started to disappear over time. Either my ears were getting used to it (I don't think so, I've never grown to like forward speakers in the past and I still don't like that quality in my projects) or the drivers were breaking in a wee bit. But that's really the only thing I heard I had concerns about. From top to bottom they just plain did a lot of things really right.

I am definitely considering developing the Voxxer-L now which will use the LM8004PMR Dynavox woofer. Yeah, it will be a stretch to work a two-way with that large of a woofer but I think it and the 9930 are up to the task. I won't know for sure until I have the woofers in my hands for some measurements but I'm feeling lucky. I will also be revamping the crossover from the Clonads to use the 9930. The Clonads blew me away from the get-go and honestly, I really miss them. That's why I decided to try out a bigger woofer from Dynavox. Can't say I'm thinking it was a bad idea at this point....



  1. shawn_a's Avatar
    Oops, I always do this. LM****PWR should really be LW****PMR. It's like some kind of lysdexia creeping into my memory of Dynavox model numbers.
  2. emilime75's Avatar
    Is there a finished product that we can see?

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