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Quick and Easy Crossover Tip

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I just thought i would share a cool quick tip for making quality crossover boards for those interested.

If your one of those people who likes to mount crossovers on printed boards, I have a super quick, super easy alternative.

Materials you will need will be...

*Copper foil Peal and Stick Flashing (found at hardware stores)
*Any solid base material of your choice for the board
-ABS plastic sheet
-1/4" plywood
-...or whatever you like to use.
*A utility knife
*Something to make holes (small drill or punch)
*Dark colored maker


*Design your filter network
*cut your board and foil to size. peal and stick the foil onto the board. trim the edges.
*once you have your circuit designed, you need to outline a pattern out on the foil with a dark marker. It's a good idea to keep the paths no less than a half inch or wider, certainty no less than a quarter of an inch for higher power applications.
*Use a utility knife and cut along your traces. remove the access material by pealing it up off the board.
*use a fine drill bit to drill though the board and foil where your components will be fitted.
*Insert the leads from the board side though to the foil side. Solder on components and trim access wire. You may glue the components to the board for extra support


You can cast your crossover in a brick of wax by placing it in a try like structure (made of thin wood or plastic), then pouring molten wax over the components until all are submerged. When finished it should look something brownies in a brownie pan...only the batter is wax. when cool screw then entire Assembly to your cabinet. I recommended you install it wax face up.


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