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Pr audax hm170g0 6.5 inch high end drivers, new old stock $125 shipped conus.

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  • Pr audax hm170g0 6.5 inch high end drivers, new old stock $125 shipped conus.

    Hi guys,
    NOW $60 plus shipping.
    For sale is a pair of Audax HM170G0 treated paper cone, high end 6.5 inch drivers. New old stock in the box. These have light, fast cones, extended bass for a 6.5 inch, and mid range that is smooth and flat from 100hz to 4k, super easy to crossover. I bought five of these last year from Europe for about $80 each to go back to a very simple crossover that my ears prefer over exotic higher order XO. These have extended flat midrange to handle lower order XO out to 3k+ with smooth rolloff. My sweet wife vetoed large box surrounds, so here they are. Now $60 for pair plus shipping or pickup in zip code 30068 Marietta, GA PS That bump at 700 hz Can be picked up zip code 30068, Atlanta These are high quality, heavy magnets, utmost quality. Thanks for your interest. Shovel99
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    Those look SO tasty, but my driver shelves are overflowing. Good luck with the sale!

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      Where did these end up? I've been looking for a pair.