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FS: NIB Seas 3 way spraker project

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  • FS: NIB Seas 3 way spraker project

    I purchased a VERY nice 3 way kit but never got around to building it. Everything is still all NIB never used, tested, hooked up, messed with, etc. Only taken out to stare at, cry & put back away... :-[
    The kit consists of:

    2x Seas 27 TBFC/G tweeters
    2x Seas L18RNX/P mid woofers
    2x Seas L26RFX/P woofers
    1 LEAP 3 way xover design

    This cost me $690 + $35 in shipping for a total of $725. I would let them all go for $465 shipped to your door. If you live in FL & want to pick them up I will include all the MDF & hardwood I got & already cut to build them. This ran me another $150...
    Here are some CAD renderings I did of what they can/could look like as well as the hardwood I already cut:
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    A few more pics:
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      Bump & priced reduced to $465.


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        It's a shame that you were never able to follow through with these. GLWYS.
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          have you got all the build pages for cabinets & crossover design all the specs


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            Face - thanks & yes it does stink I never built these. I have been wanting to finish these for soooooo long but life just gets in the way sometimes I guess..... :-(

            Chevonzo - yes I have all the data needed to build these.

            Thanks guys & someone buy these please & build something nice for Christmas!!! :-D


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              Post Christmas bump


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                Post Super Bowl bump... :]

                Price lowered to $460

                Someone will get a KILLER system!


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                  Sold pending PayPal payment.


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