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FS: Various SB Drivers, Uluwatu & Tritrix drivers, Hertz Mille Car Speakers, (CAN)

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  • FS: Various SB Drivers, Uluwatu & Tritrix drivers, Hertz Mille Car Speakers, (CAN)

    I have some new drivers that I likely won't get to use for quite some time, so I would like to unload them. I am in the Vancouver, Canada area and would give a good deal to someone local to avoid the hassle of shipping to the US. If you are in the US or somewhere else in Canada, make me an offer for Items + Shipping. I may be able to ship from Blaine, Washington 98230.I would like quick sales so don't be afraid to throw something at me. I would LOVE to sell most of these at once! All drivers are new in packaging with the caveat that I have opened and hooked up one of each driver briefly.. couldn't help it.

    I've listed what I think are good prices in USD, they are not firm.

    I have all the drivers required for Curt C's Uluwatu:

    12x SB13PFC25-08 5" Paper Cone Woofer $30/pair + shipping
    2x SB29RDNC-C000-4 Neo Ring Dome Tweeter $75/pair + shipping
    All of the above for $230 + shipping - CONSIDERING MORE OFFERS

    Additional SB drivers:

    2x SB15MFC30-04 5" Poly Cone Woofer $70/pair + shipping
    2x SB26STCN-C000-4 Neo Dome Tweeter $35/pair + shipping - PENDING SALE

    I have the TriTrix MTM component-only kit, as seen here: $90 + shipping

    Hertz Mille Legend MLK 165.3 2-way component car speaker system SOLD
    1 (single) new Audison Voce car tweeter + 2 Audison Voce 2-way crossovers from the AV K6 system $40 + shipping

    1 Dayton EMM-6 Electret Measurement Microphone (barely used) $30 + shipping
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    PM sent...


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      Pm sent


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        PM sent


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          just wondering what has been sold?


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            Any SB's left?
            ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see.’


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              Hi Everyone, I've updated the original post with what's been sold and corrected an error. I initially said I had 8 SB13 woofers, but I actually have all 12 required for the Uluwatu.

              I have an offer on all the Uluwatu drivers but it is low enough that I'm considering just keeping them at that price. I calculated that shipping would be around $27 from Blaine, WA to Portland Oregon using USPS, so that may help give a rough idea.

              Hertz 2-ways are sold, SB26STCN tweeters are pending sale.


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                PM sent