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F.s. New woofer tester 2 and more.

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  • F.s. New woofer tester 2 and more.

    Hello all. I am selling a new ( woofer tester 2 bought a few months ago so its a current version). I am selling the bass box pro 6 with crossover pro ( got a few months ago current as well). I have both books and CD. I have the winspeakez book and CD new. I am throwing in a new pair of vifa $100.00 ring tweeters with original boxes. I have everything that the products came in. I am asking $180 bucks for everything. (I tried to up load a picture but, it tells me the files to big). So e mail me for pictures and offers. I am willing to work with anyone. Cheers Jeff

    Here's my e mail [email protected]

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    Hello all. Same guy from above. So For some reason I found my old user name? So here is my original user name and I did change my e mail. So it's [email protected].

    Sorry for the mix up. Some how I need to delete the other user name so am not using to of them. If someone can help me out? Thanks Jeff