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Parasound Z Amp V3 and Sherbourn 2/100A Amplifiers

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  • Parasound Z Amp V3 and Sherbourn 2/100A Amplifiers

    I am spring cleaning and have two compact size amps that I am not using and need to let go. These would be great for a compact system or even test rigs.

    The first one is a Parasound Z amp V3. This unit is pretty much brand new. It probably has a total of 5-7 hours of playing time on it. It was intended to power a system in my home office. I'm usually not in the home office long enough to turn the music on. SOLD!!

    Second one is a Sherbourn 2/100A. This amp has about 50hrs of total playing time. It was setup as a bedroom system, which we've watched about a dozen movies with and listened to a few hours of background music. $140

    Feel free to make offers, if you think that my asking prices are out of line. I'm located in Portland, OR. Local pickups welcomed. These amps are small enough, I have no problems shipping them either.
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