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  • Omnimic and more

    All plus UPS shipping from zip code 27529.

    (1) SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-08 woofer, new - only used for a 2-way design, $10 ***SOLD***

    (1) SB Acoustics SB26STAC-C000-4 tweeter , new, same as above, $10 ***SOLD***

    (1) SB Acoustics SB15MFC30-8 woofer, new, same as above, $20 ***SOLD***

    (2) Vifa D25AG-05 tweeters, ancient but work fine, $10/pair ***SOLD***

    (3) 5" carbon fiber - Rohacell woofer / bass mids, cast frames, advanced motors, slightly different voice coils but could possibly be used with DSP to make a matched pair, single unit for a center channel, extreme garage speaker, etc. - mounted for testing only so all three are new (client changed directions) - these would sell for $300+ each! $25/each or $60 for all three.
    (1) Omnimic V2, modified by a cement shop floor - still operating accurately but the mic element end wand separated from the main body. Black electrical tape is working fine but duct tape is an option. Case, software, and accessories included. As is, make an offer - will go to the highest bidder. ***SOLD***
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    More (all new parts) to add to the above...

    (12) Precision Port 4" Connecting Rings - $1/pair

    (6) PP 4" inner flares - $2 each

    (1) PP 4" x 12" tube - $5

    (4) 4.5" x 4" PP tubes - $1/pair

    (10) Madisound TD bi-wire terminal cups - $8/each

    (2) Madisound DB terminal cups - $4/each


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      Lower prices on the drivers above.
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        Originally posted by rickcraig View Post
        Lower prices on the drivers above. Here's a picture of the Omnimic.
        Picture added.

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          Buyer changed his mind so the Omnimic is still available. ***SOLD***
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            Memorial Day sale - lower prices!