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Cheap A$$ woofers and subwoofers (pairs)

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  • Cheap A$$ woofers and subwoofers (pairs)

    OK, so I can't keep everything, so I figured I would sell some of the drivers I have sitting around doing nothing. Click on the thumbs to enlarge the pics.

    First up is a pair of "Splash" brand subwoofers. 12", 4 ohms, 500w rating if you can believe the hype. Not sure of the specs on these, I have them in a sealed 2 cubic foot box (so 1 cu.ft. per subwoofer), and they really used to hit hard. Nice chrome plated baskets, if you were feeling froggy, you could mount them on the front of a box and show off all that chrome. They would work well at home in a pair of 1 cu. ft. cubes underneath your tiny monitor speakers with a plate amp in the back of each one. $20 each plus shipping.

    Fisher woofers, Foster brand. 12". I think these were from a pair of big floorstanders. Probably 8 ohms as they came from house speakers, but I can measure. $10 each plus shipping.

    Optimus brand subwoofers, USA made. 10", 4 ohms, 200w RMS, 400w max, PRO CSW1000, Radio Shack cat. #40-1018. Specs online somewhere. $20 each plus shipping.


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        Still have all of these, sitting around doing nothing.


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          Shipping for Optimus subs to 57107?
          Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.