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  • WTB Measurement Software/Tools/Hardware

    Hi All,

    A newbie here looking to get started in this great hobby, willing to buy Speaker Measurement Software/Tools/Hardware to get started and save some buck in that aspect .

    Please let me know if you have anything.


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    Look in the "Stickies" at the top of this forum for an entry by Paul Carmody. He explains why buying up a bunch of equip. when starting out (in this intriguing hobby) MIGHT NOT be the best way to go. You can often find (and/or "trace") .frd and .zma files and run simulations FOR FREE, w/out any ca$h outlay on your part, and w/out having to take any of your own measurements. The only investment you need make is your time to read (and read again, and read again, and . . . repeat) and comprehend all this stuff, and practice manipulating simulation files and software.


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      Thanks Chris,

      I never found that sticky you mention in your comment but after doing more research and talking to other experienced member on this great forum I have a better understanding on what should I spend money on and as you suggest most of the basics can be accomplished with already existing information and experience.
      If you have that sticky handy I'd appreciate you giving me the URL so I make sure I take a look at it too.

      Thanks again,


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        Here you go:

        I'm going to SWEAR (dangit) that this link USED to be in those stickies!

        - wouldn't be a bad idea to read all of Paul's site - good stuff


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          I just upgraded to the DATS2, and am selling my WT3 parts express unit $50 and it's yours
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          On the cheap diy. That is my motto -


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            Originally posted by hobbyhands
            I just upgraded to the DATS2, and am selling my WT3 parts express unit $50 and it's yours
            Thats a good buy if starting out. I still use mine and find it much more useful than the jigs you can build.


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              I am selling an Omni Mic V2, pretty much brand new. Message me if interested.


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                Thank you all, I got what I needed.