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LEAP, LAud,. mic, manuals, Turtle Beach Sound Card, etc.

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  • LEAP, LAud,. mic, manuals, Turtle Beach Sound Card, etc.

    Pretty much done building speakers. The LEAP is an old Windows program, but does have 500 credit towards an update.
    LAud is also old but I have everything you need to run it. Comes with a calibrated mic. Works great.
    Have printed manuals in binders.
    No reasonable offer refused on these items.
    Make me an offer, I'm moving and getting rid of stuff.
    Also Roland A-240 Amp balance 120 w/ch
    2 Tube testers BK, Sylvania
    Sledge Hammer Electronic X/O
    Old 80 Watt Kenwood integrated Amp (heavy beast)
    Various video testers
    Misc tubes
    2 (Manley 350 mono blocks) KT 90 based, currently tubed with EI Type II, and have 16 tubes EI type III for a re-tube. Looking for at east $3000 for the pair of amps and will offer the 16 tubes to the buyer for $100 each. I will not sell the tubes without selling the Amps. If the amps sell and the tubes don't I'll repost.
    Misc Drivers
    2 12" Thump Subwoofers, $20/each

    I will be traveling off an on until the 14th.