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  • FS - Giant Coils!

    I have four Intertechnik beastly inductors. They are:
    2 x 3.9mH 0.4 Ohms
    2 x 2.7mH 0.33 Ohms

    I don't know what size the wire is, but it's heftier than anything I've ever used. I would guess that it's somewhere around 12 or 14 AWG. Anyway, three of the coils are in nice shape while one of the 2.7's has a little bit of the bobbin snapped off, but this won't impact performance.

    These are the biggest air core coils I've had in my hands, and it looks like they sell for about $50 each. I'd love to get $100 shipped CONUS for them, but I'm open to offers. I'm also open to splitting up the pairs.