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FS: ScanSpeak-Limited-Edition-D2604-832002-1-034-Textile-Dome-Tweeters-Matched-Pair

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  • FS: ScanSpeak-Limited-Edition-D2604-832002-1-034-Textile-Dome-Tweeters-Matched-Pair

    Up for sale is a matched boxed pair of Scan-Speak model D2604 / 832002 1" Dome Tweeters, Limited Edition. These were purchased for a project that never happened.
    Will be double boxed and packaged properly and will ship USPS Priority Mail medium flat rate box.

    $79 for the pair plus $13.60 Priority Mail

    Thanks for looking.

    Manufacturer's specs:

    T-S Parameters Resonance frequency [fs] 500 Hz Mechanical Q factor [Qms] 2.43 Electrical Q factor [Qes] 0.58 Total Q factor [Qts] 0.47 Force factor [Bl] 2.7 Tm Mechanical resistance [Rms] 0.59 kg/s Moving mass [Mms] 0.5 g Compliance [Cms] 0.2 mm/N Effective diaph. diameter [D] 30 mm Effective piston area [Sd] 7 cm² Equivalent volume [Vas] - l Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91.5 dB Ratio Bl/√Re 1.6 N/√W Ratio fs/Qts 1064 Hz Notes: IEC specs. refer to IEC 60268-5 third edition. All Scan-Speak products are RoHS compliant. Data are subject to change without notice. Datasheet updated: September 14, 2016 Electrical Data Nominal impedance [Zn] 4 Ω Minimum impedance [Zmin] 3.5 Ω Maximum impedance [Zo] 13.5 Ω DC resistance [Re] 2.9 Ω Voice coil inductance [Le] 0.02 mH Power Handling 100h RMS noise test (IEC 17.1) 100 W Long-term max power (IEC 17.3) 240 W Voice Coil & Magnet Data Voice coil diameter 26 mm Voice coil height 2.3 mm Voice coil layers 2 Height of gap 2.5 mm Linear excursion ± 0.1 mm Max mech. excursion ± 1.6 mm Unit weight 0.55 kg