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WTS Focal Elear Headphones - 500

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  • WTS Focal Elear Headphones - 500

    Not standard fair for this site, I know, but I would rather someone in this community get a good deal than sell them on Headfi or Ebay. Anyway, up for sale is a perfect condition set of Focal Elears. They have a ton of good reviews out there, but the most important thing to know is that they are super punchy and dynamic. I was looking for something more exciting than my hifiman he560s, and they are (maybe even too much for me if I am honest), but for me they are not as comfortable as my hifimans (basically, I have a pointy head and traditional bands sit on it strangely).

    I am thinking 500, which is 50 dollars cheaper than the cheapest on headfi right now. I am also throwing an extra cable (as the stock one is SUPER long - so I got a short one as well). Let me know if you are interested. If not I will post it up on Headfi at the end of the week.