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FS: Dayton Audio ND20FB-4 tweeters x 57 pcs

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  • FS: Dayton Audio ND20FB-4 tweeters x 57 pcs

    Sold: Dayton Audio ND20FB-4 tweeters x 57 pcs
    57 tweeters have sold

    These were purchased a few years back with the intent of creating line-sources with 24 tweeters per speaker.
    The cabinets were built and 48 of the tweeters (except for the 9 spare ones that are still in their original boxes)
    were trial mounted into the baffles. No electrical connections have been made to the tweeters (except for DATS
    testing ALL the tweeters before trial mounting). They have NOT had their terminals soldered (or crimped) to wires.
    A handful of the pieces have small scratches on the plastic near the mounting holes.

    Anyway, I came to learn / realize the cancellation issues I would have to overcome with my design and decided
    not to pursue this project further and learn. So these have sat in storage, untouched for the last 5 years.
    My lady has finally talked me into doing a clean sweep of all unused and extra pieces parts. So these tweeters
    are for sale.

    Price: I would prefer not to sell them in small batches because of the time involved in safely and securely
    packaging them for shipping. So how about $0.00 USD for the lot of 0, plus actual shipping costs and any
    fees if applicable (ex PayPal). That's is $5.00 each, if you buy the lot. If you wish to make offers on a smaller
    number of tweeters ...those offers will be entertained also ...figure on $5.75 each depending on the number

    To clarify; 0 pieces are still in their original boxes. 0 pieces are loose. ALL will be safely and securely packaged.
    I am OCD about shipping ...having been on the receiving end of improper packaging before. These will pass the
    parcel courier gorilla test!

    Shipping: These ship from Columbus, Ohio. Buyers choice of USPS or Fed-Ex ground shipping.

    Contact: Please PM me here on the Parts Express forums. I generally respond within 24 hours.

    Full size, 1600 x 1200 image URLs are:

    Please see the attached Dayton Audio ND20FB-4 datasheet below.

    ...thanks for looking
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    Over $800 worth of tweeters.
    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      18 tweeters have sold. Will entertain reasonable offers on remaining lot of 39 ...but they're already priced inexpensively


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            A few more of the ND20FB-4 tweeters have sold.


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                  A handful more of the tweeters have sold


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                    Money Sent for the remaining 25 tweeters as agreed, Thanks!!


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                      All Sold.
                      Thank you gentlemen