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In a pinch!! Mini Dsp 2x4 , Optoma GT760A ,Onkyo Buyout tweets , Minion IP Cams

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  • In a pinch!! Mini Dsp 2x4 , Optoma GT760A ,Onkyo Buyout tweets , Minion IP Cams

    Ive been a member here for years but mostly been a lurker, I did a few transactions in the past on here but can't remember with who. Anyway I'm In a bit of a pinch! Just got laid off a week ago, and the holidays wiped me out. So being unemployed and broke I need to sell some toys to pay bills. I prefer paypal but open to other methods.. maybe Western Union or something of the sort? All prices include shipping to CONUS, no international shipping!

    ​I have as follows:

    sold mini dsp

    50- Onkyo Buyout Tweets
    $1 each or all for $40

    1-​Optoma GT760A 3D 3200 Lumen Projector w/remote + 3 Adult Pair Active Glasses +1 Pair Childrens Active shutter glasses (All are Brand New)
    People always say whatever they are selling is basically brand new and they only used twice, so I myself think that they are usually full of it when they say that. BUT this projector really was only used twice and only one set of glasses were used once. Problem was that I thought I could use this in my bedroom being a short throw projector but it just wouldn't work in the space I have for it. The problem is with my room, not the projector. So it was demo'd twice and then boxed back up and put in closet. Has maybe 10 hours tops on bulb.
    This whole package projector and glasses cost me around $650 Id be happy to get $400 OBO

    I really need some quick cash so feel free to make a offer on anything or everything and all reasonable offers will be considered! Send me PM or can text me @ 5seven5 9seven3eight47six Thanks in Advance for looking and God Bless - Happy New Year!!
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    What do the tweeters look like?


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      Like this
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        BTW I'm also going to list some of these items on that Auction site, so if anyone is interested in anything and would feel more comfortable purchasing through that marketplace then pm me and I can send link to auction.


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          PM sent on the cameras.


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            I'd take $400 on the 3D projector package if anyone is interested!