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For Sale NOS - speak components - Eminence, Dayton

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  • For Sale NOS - speak components - Eminence, Dayton

    At one time my brother was making speakers for sale to movie theaters and now I'm helping get rid of some of the components he had not used. They were purchased from Parts Express originally and are 'old new stock'

    I don't know much at all about them and have included part numbers and the data on the box as well as photos of the items themselves

    25 new in box (only opened to take photo):
    Eminence 290-036 9611 8121 08VS 15691-a 024406-04

    12 new in box (only opened to take photo):
    Dayton Loudspeaker Co. 275-050

    On a speaker forum one poster said "they compare very favorably to the Audax DT101 and the Vifa Aluminum dome. Imaging and resolution of inner detail is first-rate." and has the specs as: Dayton 1" titanium domes, from Parts Express, part no. 275-050. Published- 93 dB/W/m, 2.5-30 kHz +/- (not given) and resonance at 1,000 hz.

    If you are interested make an offer. I can get weights and let you know what the shipping cost will be. I'm in Austin,Tx if you want to pick up locally.

    Dayton 275-050: New old stock, still in box Eminence 290-036 8121 Eminence 290-036 8121

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    That tweeter has not really ever been very popular (it IS still avail. though).
    I've been here since 2000, and I've never seen that old of a PE label (275-050).
    I believe they have ferrofluid in the v.c. gap, and that CAN dry out over time.

    The woofers are no longer listed under PE's number.
    I can't find a thing on the net for "Eminence 9611".
    Under "8121" it's listed as 8", 8ohm, Fs=34, Vas=1.9cf, Qts=0.31, Xmax=6mm, 90dB, 50w(?RMS?)
    Specs indicate it could do maybe low 40s in a vented 1cf box.
    It would be GREAT if someone local to you could measure the T/S parms of a few of them.


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      Thanks for the information! Too bad about the tweeter. I'm guessing they are at least 10 years old but might be older. Is there anyone that could use them for anything? If not any advice on recycling?
      I'll see if my brother could get the measurements on the 8121 and get a better idea of how old they are.


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        Yes the FF does dry out over time:( what would you take for 4 of the tweeters to 08857 NJ and do you take paypal? Bill


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          The tweeters weigh about 15 oz each in their box, and are about 5x5x1.5. So I can get 4 ins a Medium Flat Rate box with would be $13.65 for shipping, I do take paypal. How about $1 each.


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            Sounds good a a buck a piece I will take all if you dont mind and recalculate the shipping in a large flat rat box. my email address and paypal is [email protected] and I will give you my address, Please send me an invoice. What do the woofers cost?. Regards, Bill.


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              Did you read the PM I sent you a couple of days ago about the woofers?


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                Sorry, had trouble logging in for a bit. Wmeyer - Hurray! I'll get that total for you today. I hope they turn out to be useful!


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                  This tweeter 275-050 is from the April 1997 page 134 and the Eminence woofer 290-036 is from 1993 page 12 if this helps anyone. The above poster was dead on !!!



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                    So if anyone is interested in the woofers I still have at least 16 of them. $5 each, they weigh about 75 oz each plus there would be additional weight for boxes and packaging. gave me the best quote on shipping. I can certainly do a discount if anyone is interested in all of them.Thanks!. My shipping zip code is 78750