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Pair of Dayton RS28F-4, and RS150P-8 Speakers

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  • Pair of Dayton RS28F-4, and RS150P-8 Speakers

    I have a pair of these for sale. They have not been used or mounted. The RS150P-8 are new and never been used. I bought these to construct a pair of (Speaker Scott's) DIYRMA speakers. I also have the required crossover parts if someone wants a package deal and wants to build those. $90 for the Tweeters, $75 for the woofers. I also have one pair of Goldwood GW1858 woofers and 4 of the Tectonic TEBM65C20F-8. I would take $100 for the Goldwood pair and $30 for the 4 Tectonic drivers. All these are new and unused. The one Goldwood driver had a slight bend on the edge of the frame that I straightened out. (See Photo) These prices are plus shipping. Thanks

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    I am located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, 75082


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      Any of these work as a sub in a small ported or no port box in my truck? I can make the box as large as 1.86qf. But can use anything deeper then 5”


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        The Goldwood GW-1858 are a high QTS driver that have been used successfully in many OB bass projects. If you do a search on the internet you’ll find them. Typically it’s used in an OB H-frame. I think there are better choices available for use in an auto, but these would function “sub-optimally” in a 2 cu ft enclosure. I hope that helps a little.