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2 pair Acoustic Elegance IB15HT 8 ohm

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  • 2 pair Acoustic Elegance IB15HT 8 ohm

    I have two push pull slot loaded pair of AE IB15HT 8 ohm woofers. Only two are shown. These are mounted in manifolds that will fit between standard 16" on center studs and sit on the floor behind a wall. These will be heavy to ship but can be picked up in central PA 2-3 hours from NYC, Philly or Washington DC. I do have original shipping boxes but would recommend taking the manifolds if you could. Price is $600.00 for the 4 picked up.

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    Beautiful. Would think these sell fast. Wish I had some spare dough resting.

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      You have a pm, sir.


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        I had to wait for my new account to be verified before posting or sending PM's. I'm super keen, but looks like I may have missed the boat.

        I've got to ask: Why move *away* from this setup? Were these rattling the structure of your house too much? Neighbors approach with pitchforks? Spouse threaten divorce?

        I was honestly about to buy ONE of these from AE to install in an attic manifold, (for a small 3-season room,) would love to hear reasons why not before I pull the trigger.

        You're probably 7-8 hours from me, (Plymouth, MI) but if you have 1 or 2 drivers, and 1 manifold that's not spoken for, I'm keen.