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Xindak XA8800MNE, XA8550, XA8250, A06, C06, Electronics CT

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  • Xindak XA8800MNE, XA8550, XA8250, A06, C06, Electronics CT

    $899 Xindak XA8550 High End 130W/ch Power Amp CT

    This is a massive, about 49 lbs, dual power supply 130W/ch 8 ohm (250/ch 4 ohm) power amp,
    with huge 51A current capability in the output stage. It is very high bias making it Class A to about 30W/ch
    Many think of this as a very low cost Krell or Levinson. It is a dealer demo unit, no manual, but
    here it is online for a newer version with a remote, this does not have a remote:
    It is in mint condition as far as I can tell - see the pictures.
    These sound super CLEAN and effortless even into 4 ohm loads, I have similar Xindak amps
    in my system and have more than I need.

    Lightly used Demo unit $899 or best reasonable offer, it is HEAVY, pick up or will meet 75 miles from
    CT 06611, or Plus shipping CONUS. Strongly prefer a local sale. Estimated 55 lbs for shipping.

    From Xindak:
    "XA8550 power amplifier is designed especially for matching with XA3200MKII pre-amplifier. It is with high fidelity for reproduction the music signal. The appearance is both simple and elegant. The inner circuit design derives from reputable current negative feedback circuit of XA6950 and adopts Darlington structure on the current amplifier stage. The output power dynatrons are three pairs SANKEN 2SC3264/2SA1295 whose peak current can reach 51A, to insure the driving power. The filter capacitor for main power supply is 82000uF/63V electrolytic capacitors, and the power supply is two 300W high power toroidal transformers. The tone is balanced and neutral, with good speed sense and analysis ability."

    Need to clean out the storage space.
    Will include the used/upgraded power cable as a kicker.

    Pics of actual unit, it is a massive beauty:

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    SOLD $399 Xindak XA-8250 High End Dual Mono Line Preamp - This Pre is CRAZY!

    This is about as minimalist as it gets for an active pre, it is dual mono so there are two volume controls
    and only one set of inputs no selector switch. RCA and XLR selectable ins and outs, line level only no
    RIAA section. volume controls are silky smooth. Not a remote controlled preamp. See pics.
    Possible application, say you have a passive preamp that you really like but need a
    bit more CLEAN gain or impedance matching, this could be the answer.

    This pre has been evolving from Xindak and this was the earliest version as far as I know, the
    next one has 3 selectable inputs, then a front panel display was added. I cannot find details
    on this old unit, this is the second version with the 3 input selector but I believe that the circuitry is the same:

    So, if you have only one source, Digital, RIAA pre, etc. and you need a CLEAN line amp this is the pre for you!

    Lightly used Demo unit $399 or best reasonable offer, it is heavy for a pre, pick up or will meet 75 miles from CT 06611, or Plus shipping CONUS.

    Need to clean out the storage unit.
    Pics of actual unit, volume controls are silky smooth:
    Note the picture of a few tiny dings.
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      $1999/pr Xindak 8800MNE 200W/8 400W/4 Monoblock Power Amp Pair Demo Units
      Class A to about 50W, These are Massive.
      I opened the boxes from new to demo them in a friend's system, they have about
      40 hours on them. Like new condition built like a tank.
      Demo like new pair $1999 they are HEAVY, pick up or will meet 100 miles from CT 06611, or Plus shipping CONUS. Strongly prefer a local sale. Estimated 60 lbs (each box) for shipping.

      They sound like Class A with a power tap above for short term peaks, they
      are always effortless and clean, seem to have unlimited dynamics. I have a pair
      in my main system driving big 4 ohm speakers. This is an extra pair.

      From Xindak:

      1) Separate mono channel structure
      2) Current feedback Class-A amplifier
      3) High power FET as the drive
      4) 6 pairs of metal-packaged transistors as parallel output
      5) 600W high quality transformers
      6) 50A bridge rectifier along with high capacity power filters
      7) 2mm gold-plated PCB

      Stock picture, actual to come as time permits, faster with interest:
      It is not letting me add pics right now, exceeded some limit?


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        Stock picture, actual to come as time permits, faster with interest:


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          $350 Xindak Low Cost C06 CD Player New Sealed in Bag

          This is from Xindak's entry level line of equipment and is a really fine sounding unit.
          It had an MSRP of $599 and I'm offering the new CD player (#1) for $350 plus shipping
          CONUS only or pickup in CT 06611.

          This Xindak C06 CD player was new in box, I opened it to take pictures of the actual unit - see pics.
          My plan is to power it up, run it for 24 hours (I do this with everything that has been in storage)
          just to be sure that it is in proper working order, but I have not opened the bag and if anyone
          wants it untouched that is fine but it will be sold as-is.

          The C06 is also a very transparent and musical sounding CD player that hits way above the price.
          This is the info from Xindak:
          "C06 CD Player adopts simplicity in design while retaining the essence of superb sound.
          It has the standard IEC AC power socket; one group of 24K gold-plated RCA analog output
          terminals and one RCA coaxial digital output terminals. The C06 is in perfect match with
          A06 Stereo Integrated Amplifier in performance and style. C06 uses Sony 213 laser pick
          up, Philips CD18 servo system and TDA1543 16Bit current-output DAC chip. C06 CD Player
          derives its correct tonal balance from a special circuitry design in conjunction with the
          TDA1543 DAC chip. This CD-player actually uses 176.4 KHz sampling frequency instead of
          the ordinary 44.1 KHz with 16-bit sampling precision. In addition, analog and digital
          circuit sections have their own power regulation modules from separate windings of the
          toroidal transformer. The high quality design and construction gives rise to this very
          musical CD player at an affordable price that is beyond all expectations.

          Main Features
          Analog and digital outputs with 24K gold-plated connectors
          176.4 KHz sampling frequency
          Separate power regulators for the digital and analog circuits
          Highest quality components throughout, including a Philips TDA1305 DAC chip.
          Full function remote control
          Detachable power cord Elegant and simplicity front panel design, perfect match for A06
          Stereo Integrated Amplifier"

          Pics of the actual unit and the box, before and after I opened it:


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            Xindak XA-8250 price drop was $599 now $499

            Buy two items -$50, three -$100


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              Xindak XA-8250*price drop was $499 now $399