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WTB: 10uF NPE caps

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  • WTB: 10uF NPE caps

    I need six 10uF 100V +/-10% NPE caps for crossovers. PE is out of this cap until mid April. Can't find them anywhere else. Anyone have a few they're willing to sell?

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    Do you really need electrolytics? At values that low, even most budget-minded builders find the cost of poly caps (such as the one in the link, which is currently in stock at PE) to be pretty manageable. While they cost 6 times more than the PE's NPEs, getting six of the Audyn's would only have an extra cost a little over 20 dollars. The polys would also perform better and have tighter tolerances. If you need them to be NPEs for other reasons, then never mind.

    Steve Boyce
    Audyn Cap Q4 10uF 400V MKP Metalized Polypropylene Foil Crossover Capacitor


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      If you parallel a 4.0uF and a 5.6uF, you'd be close enough (npes typ. will run a bit higher than not, anyway).
      A 3.3 and a 6.8 would prob. be a tad over 10.0uF. (sc)


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        Just look for bi-polar capacitors, such as nichicon uvp1j100med...
        edit: Unless of course you absolutely need axial leads.