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FS: Klipsch THX KL-650 parts (3x 6.5 woofers 299-101 and 2x horn w/tweeter 279-106)

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  • FS: Klipsch THX KL-650 parts (3x 6.5 woofers 299-101 and 2x horn w/tweeter 279-106)

    I have some parts to build the Klipsch THX KL-650 bookshelf

    1) 3x Klipsch 6.5 Aluminum Buyout (299-101), I have 3 of them but one has some cosmetic blemishes on the cone. $25+ Shipping for all 3. I am sorry I could not locate a 4th driver.
    2) A pair of the horns (279-106) for the KL-650 THX offering those for $30 for the pair+shipping for horns

    To make things easy for someone who wants it all $90 shipped for the 3 woofers and 2 horns.

    The woofers are from the KL-650-THX Ultra 2, zaph measured them at one point.

    Here was the crossover info from another post, don't know if you can still purchase from Klipsch because that was 4 years ago.

    Crossover details: Thank you for contacting Klipsch! We have replacement crossovers available under part number 116642 for $98.00/ea + S&H. If you would like to order, please give us a call at 1-800-554-7724. Have a great day!
    I would just double check that the part number is 100% correct for the KL650 THX - just to be sure.

    Here is a thread where someone built their own.

    Blemished cone one

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    More pictures

    Click image for larger version

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      Looks like PE has these in stock again. I have 5 of them now that need a new home. Never found the rest of the woofers and I have other projects that have not left the design table.

      $15 per horn + shipping. Make an offer if you want all 5. That's 50% off PE.

      Woof woofs still available too.


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        What would you want for all the kl650 parts that you may have?


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          $110 shipped in the US. It's probably going to cost $35-40 to ship a package with all these parts.

          That is 5 horns + 3 woofers.


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            I wish I could sell some of my stuff I would buy these


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              I will take 2 (279-106) tweeters if you still have them.



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                PM and email sent