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It’s that time audio enthusiasts! Registration for the 2019 Speaker Design Competition is now open! Visit for details and to list your speaker project. We are excited to see all returning participants, and look forward to meeting some new designers this year, as well! Be sure your plans include a visit to the Parts Express Tent Sale for the lowest prices of the year, and the Audio Swap Meet where you can buy and trade with other audio fans. We hope to see you this summer! Vivian and Jill
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WTB:One B&G Neo3 or Neo3PDR

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  • WTB:One B&G Neo3 or Neo3PDR

    I'm looking for either a single Neo3 or Neo3PDR. A few years ago I picked up a pair used and just put them into the build. I discovered they were mismatched .. one standard and one PDR.

    They sound essentially the same but the standard edition is more sensitive. Since this is an active build, I can compensate for the difference in the crossover, but I would rather have matching drivers.

    I do not need the faceplate or the back cup ... just a single driver of either type. I am also willing to trade either one of my drivers for a matching Neo3.

    What have you got?

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