We just finished building a VBSS - It has maybe 3-5Hr of use. 3/4" MDF made with single slot port out the side for 15HZ tune. Despite our crappy room it has great sound- haven't added any correction to it in the pic red is -20 on avr green -10 with front gain at like 3 notches lol. I can probably go home and use REW to spruce it up but you get the idea- this is in garbage room no filters only provided inuke settings

Anyway its a great design but takes up more space then we imagined- plus we prefer sealed 15" subs.

Looking to trade for a 15" Dayton HO/UM kit or similar - not interested in old abused gear. Will consider 18" dayton if has its 4cuft pack.

Will toss in a Dayton SUB1500 we used for three or four hours lol then put it in our closet:::
So you'll be getting TWO for one deal--- We are located in Portland OREGON

Did a simple finish with Hodge Podge and acrylic paint mixed in, easy to remove
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