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FS: Supra High End Cable - Speaker, Power, and More Cheap CT

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  • FS: Supra High End Cable - Speaker, Power, and More Cheap CT

    All of these cables are Supra Brand high quality cable, by¬¬¬*Tommy Jenving, made in Sweden:

    Supra Cable Classic 2X2.5mm^2 (13ga) Speaker Cable Blue or Grey
    By the foot, no ends.
    Supra's description:¬¬¬*
    From the site:
    "Classic Series - The Original!
    The Classic series encompasses flexible tin plated, multi-strand, oxygen-free 5N purity Copper! In addition to the corrosion resistance, the tin plating contributes also to a much wanted skin-effect reduction and prevents the electrons (i.e. the current) from disruptive ĒjumpsĒ between the strand surfaces, hence adding unwanted timing errors to the music signal. The insulation of a select grade chemically stable PVC further improving the sonically benign tin surface over time. The Classic cables are available also in a flame retardant and halogen free version;¬¬¬*Classic/H FRHF."

    Ice Blue Supra Classic 2X2.5/H (13ga) (Halogen free) $1.25/ft + shipping CONUS,16 ft minimum: 30' and a bit more fits in a USPS small flat rate box for $7.20
    Click image for larger version

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    Anthracite Grey Supra Classic 2X2.5 (13ga) $1.25/ft + shipping CONUS, 16 ft minimum:
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    Supra JenTech Sky White Speaker Cable 2X2.5 (13ga)
    By the foot, no ends.
    Sky description:¬*
    From the site:
    "JenTech Sky is an oxygen free 5N Copper loudspeaker cable. It is laid out as an classic 8 crossection loudspeaker cable construction built up with bare ō 0.127 mm Copper strands. Available from 0.75 mm2 up to 6.0 mm2. Standard colours are white, black and transparant. We recommend this speaker cable only for indoor use in dry and heated surroundings."

    JenTech Sky 2X2.5, 13ga $1.00/ft + shipping CONUS, 16 ft minimum:
    Click image for larger version

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      Supra Shielded Cable ¬*Lorad 2.5 Power Line Cable
      By the foot no ends included:

      Lorad 2.5mm^2 $3.00/ft much less than the going $4.88/ft price + shipping CONUS
      I have a 164 ft spool of this 3 conductor, shielded power line cable. 3 X 2.5mm^2 (13AWG)
      Note that this is NOT the MKII version that has a bare stranded wire running along the tin foil
      shield to ground it, the shield just floats with the original version of the cable.

      From Supra:
      "LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields. Protects your equipment from radiated mains noise as well as from RF pick-up. The screen protects from the electric fields and the short pitch twisting protects from and cancels the magnetic fields. This will typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which in turn give you a tighter bass, better 3-Dimension presence and stereo definition. "

      How to make a power cable with it, note that brown is live, blue is neutral, and green is ground,
      I don't know if this is any European convention:


      IEC power cable that I made from Lorad 2.5mm^2 wire, ends are from China, copper
      plated, I thought I clicked on Gold - they might have pulled a switch. These are
      very cheap, $8.99/pr shipped, and others advertise Gold for roughly the same price.
      I'm going to try to order again and see if I actually get Gold, anyway here is a pic.
      I expect that these are crap since the real thing goes for 10 to 20X the price but as
      long as these are safe I'll give them a try. They seem solid enough, I doubt that they are UL approved:
      Click image for larger version

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        I'm interested in getting some of the anthracite cable.¬* Not sure how much until I¬* measure some runs.¬* How much of it do you have?


        Rick Snapp


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          It was a full spool, should have over 500' left.