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It’s that time audio enthusiasts! Registration for the 2019 Speaker Design Competition is now open! Visit for details and to list your speaker project. We are excited to see all returning participants, and look forward to meeting some new designers this year, as well! Be sure your plans include a visit to the Parts Express Tent Sale for the lowest prices of the year, and the Audio Swap Meet where you can buy and trade with other audio fans. We hope to see you this summer! Vivian and Jill
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Zaph ZA 5.2 $300 Shipped

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  • Zaph ZA 5.2 $300 Shipped

    I built these around Thanksgiving and ended up going with KEF so I'm selling these. The kit is from madisound:

    260 for the ported kit

    The cabinets are from Parts express:

    Total materials are $400, I'm selling for $300 shipped due to botching the holes in the baffle as you can see in the pics. Parts express sells replacement baffles for $17, I didn't glue the baffle, or you can just put the grill on them and enjoy, they sound great for the price. I have the original boxes for the cabinets for shipping. Thanks for looking. I'm in Cincinnati for local pickup.

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    Not trying to be a pain in the ***, but why did you go with KEF?
    What model KEF's did you buy?
    Can you detail the differences?


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      At the time I had LS50's and compared them to the Zaph 5.2, they actually sounded pretty similar in frequency response but I really liked the coaxial driver in the KEF, the point source presentation just seems more natural to me. The LS50 are a bit bright after extended listening sessions though, so I ended up buying the Q150 which are more neutral.*