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Zaph ZA 5.2 $300 Shipped

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  • Zaph ZA 5.2 $300 Shipped

    I built these around Thanksgiving and ended up going with KEF so I'm selling these. The kit is from madisound:

    260 for the ported kit

    The cabinets are from Parts express:

    Total materials are $400, I'm selling for $300 shipped due to botching the holes in the baffle as you can see in the pics. Parts express sells replacement baffles for $17, I didn't glue the baffle, or you can just put the grill on them and enjoy, they sound great for the price. I have the original boxes for the cabinets for shipping. Thanks for looking. I'm in Cincinnati for local pickup.

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    Not trying to be a pain in the ***, but why did you go with KEF?
    What model KEF's did you buy?
    Can you detail the differences?


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      At the time I had LS50's and compared them to the Zaph 5.2, they actually sounded pretty similar in frequency response but I really liked the coaxial driver in the KEF, the point source presentation just seems more natural to me. The LS50 are a bit bright after extended listening sessions though, so I ended up buying the Q150 which are more neutral.*