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FS in Los Angeles: two high-end sealed 12" aluminum cone subwoofers w/ 1kW amp- $635

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  • FS in Los Angeles: two high-end sealed 12" aluminum cone subwoofers w/ 1kW amp- $635

    We recently got a large piano, and that required a reconfiguration of the stereo and so despite how much I've enjoyed these, I have to let them go.

    It's two 55 liter sealed boxes, each with a DVC 4 ohm (so in series for 8 ohms) TC-1000 (later known as the Epic series) with the aluminum cone, shorting rings, 22mm of xmax, and a strong enough motor to not need a huge box, resulting in a Qtc of 0.62 for each box. Boxes are 18" x 16" x 17" HWD.

    The subwoofers are in parallel for a final 4 ohm load, and driven by a Keiga 52100 amplifier which has a 1000W RMS output at 0.1% THD for a very healthy 500 WRMS to each subwoofer. It additionally has a 25 Hz. boost, which is excellent for home theater, especially when used in conjuction with room EQ (always best to EQ down, not up, so the boost in the first place really helps with the low-end roll-off). This has a switching output stage that is nearly 90% efficient, and a linear power supply, so it weighs a solid 30 lbs. Was used externally. Amp has an auto-on that works very well - always comes on even with little signal, and does NOT turn off after a few minutes in the middle of a song/movie.

    Between having two separate boxes which helps flatten out the room response (and is much more flexible than one huge box), and having basically unlimited dynamic range and extension from having so much volume displacement, this has been one of the best subwoofer solutions I've ever had. Definitely local pickup in Los Angeles only due to weight/bulk!

    Per Unibox simulation software, this models at 107db at xmax at 20 Hz., and over 112db at 30 Hz. That's anechoic/without room-gain!

    Driver specs (this took a long time to find):
    Fs 23.00 Hz
    Re 7.60 Ohm
    Qms 3.90
    Qes 0.49
    Sd 500.0 cm2
    Vas 97.0 l
    Xmax peak 22.00 mm
    Le 2.49 mH
    Le2 0.00 mH
    Re2 0.00 Ohm
    Nominal Power 500.0 W

    here's the slightly later DVC 2 ohm version of this driver, when they changed the name to Epic, and put their logo on the cone:

    Amplifier specs:

    Looking for a firm $635, which is non-negotiable. Pickup only as this is big and heavy.


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    Very nice setup. I may of over looked this. But what’s your location?


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      Originally posted by carlthess40 View Post
      Very nice setup. I may of over looked this. But what’s your location?
      "FS in Los Angeles: two high-end sealed 12" aluminum cone subwoofers w/ 1kW amp- $635"

      I may be wrong, but I think it is Los Angeles!
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        July bump - happy premature 4th everybody!

        (Thanks for the clarification, Eric! Still have that one speaker grille I forgot to give you for the 10" sub box...)


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          Happy August everybody! Still available, but the amplifier is now the rackmount Dayton SA-1000 with one band of parametric EQ and 12V trigger - oh boy! Same price, same great deal!


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            If one desires stereo (2 channel) bass/low-frequency reproduction, I can swap a Stewart HPA-1000 pro-audio amplifier instead of the mono/1 channel Dayton one. Amplifier puts out 500 watts RMS @ 2 ohms, so the same 1000 watts to both speakers. Amplifier is a rugged pro-audio unit, convection cooled, with a switching power supply and a 2-step class H output stage (2 voltage rails of conventional class AB). The Dayton would produce superior results (because it's mono) but if one wants stereo low frequency reproduction than I can swap for the Stewart amplifier for $100 less (so $535 for the package). Which is an even more outrageously good deal. That option would absolutely require a home theater processor though as the amplifier has no crossover or controls - not even gain controls. So a home theater/processor/mixing desk subwoofer out is required.