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Los Angeles: 2 different 10" project subwoofers

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  • Los Angeles: 2 different 10" project subwoofers


    I have a Mirage 10" ported subwoofer with a nice amplifier with a separate power supply, and a peak output wattage 6db above the RMS (100 RMS/400 peak). Model is Frx-S10, identical to the similarly annoyingly titled Energy e:XL-S10
    nice review here:

    The speaker was fine, but I had plans to put a nice cast frame Boston Acoustic Pro 10.4LF driver in its stead, but the BA driver is very slightly larger, so the cutout didn't fit. After spending a long time with a Dremel to open the cutout just a touch... I killed the Dremel. So the sub and the speaker are separate in space and time, much like us all.

    I also have a HSU VTF-2 (original, not Mk II, III, IV, etc.). It's a very nice ported 10" sub, down-firing, with TWO ports (100% more than one) one of which has a bung to seal it. This was combined with different EQ settings on the original plate amp - which is dead. Very good pictures of someone else's here:

    I ALSO have a Dayton SA-240 plate amp that fits pretty closely in the cutout for the HSU, though of course won't have the same EQ choices.

    Looking for a firm $95 for the two project subs WITHOUT the Dayton amplifier, or $145 WITH the Dayton amplifier.

    This is (as per the title) for local pickup in Los Angeles only.


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    September bump - both subs still available!


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      October bump - both still available.