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  • Statements II Center Channel Speaker


    I am contemplating selling my Statements II Center channel speaker. I am thinking about going a slightly different way for my 'home theater' in my basement and am considering moving my Statements II L/R to my upstairs living room where i'll enjoy them more often in 2-channel form. I'm actually looking into the DIYSoundGroup 1299's for my L/C/R duties in my basement and need to free up a bit of $$ to make me feel better about it.

    So, with that said, I believe i'm ready to part with this center. It was built a couple years ago, but doesn't really have that that much time on it at all since most of my use is in my living room. For this speaker, I purchased a flat pack kit from Melby Audio and had Meniscus do the crossover. With recommendation from Jim Holtz, I ordered them with Clarity Caps and used Denim insulation for the walls. Here are a few build pics attached.

    I'm really trying to come up with a fair price for these. I see that they are $513 + shipping from Meniscus for the parts without the upgraded caps and hardware. The box can be included at no extra charge if looking for local pickup, otherwise i'd ship the components at the buyers expense. The box hasn't been finished and needs to be flush trimmed, but I wanted to wait for this until I was ready to finish all of them. This can be demo'd at my house if wanted as well.

    Is $350 a fair price? I'm located in NW IN (Griffith, IN) approximately 40 minutes from downtown Chicago. I feel like i'll regret this, but we'll see haha.

    Denon AVR-X4100W A/V Receiver
    Emotiva XPA-5 5 channel amp & Emotiva Mini‑X A‑100
    2 Behringer Europower EP2500 amps
    2 FI SSD 18" subwoofers in 15cuft Sonotubes tuned to 15Hz
    Family Room Speakers: Statements II's LCR, Polks 50's surround
    4 Dayton ME650C In-ceiling for Dolby Atmos
    Living Room Speakers - Amiga's/Core 2's depending on the day
    4 RS100-4's in cubes full range for gazebo
    Nano Neo's for PC with Front Ported Voxel Subwoofer
    Previous build - TriTrix, XPS Foam Flat Panel Speakers