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The Advent Speaker, one set needs work

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  • The Advent Speaker, one set needs work

    one original one modified
    Denver Colorado
    One original one modified. However they do work 100.00

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    The left one DOES look original (so the woofer surround must have either been replaced, or is ready to BLOW - as they're likely 40 yrs. old).
    The rt. one would take a lot of work to get it to "match" the other. Not sure it that woofer (which SEEMs like it's got a hole in the surround? - or MAYbe it's got a rip w/some elec. tape over it??) was one of the OEM "replacements" offered by Jensen or not (but I only give it a 10% chance, the dia., frame, and dustcap aren't the way I REMEMBER them looking - although by brain is getting older), and the tweeter MIGHT have been the one ADVE\T used (in later versions), but the grill (and its standoff blocks) sort of rely on the tweeter being mounted "proud" of the baffle ( - like the one on the left - it's mounted forward of the baffle by maybe 1/2" or more ) in order to get the smoothest response.

    just my 2c