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WTB: Old Analog AM/FM Car Radio

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  • WTB: Old Analog AM/FM Car Radio

    I'm trying to find an old FM car-radio with the old analog dial. It's for a cabin that's located far from any radio stations. I want analog because all the power is cut to the cabin when it isn't being used, so I don't want to have to reset the stations every time I get there. I've tried an old analog Technics receiver, but it only pulls in one FM station. I'm hoping a car radio will pull in more stations than what I've tried so far. This is kind of an experiment and I'm not looking for critical listening sound quality, just low volume background music, so I'm not looking to spend much money.
    I have played around with the antenna on the receiver, but it didn't help much. I'm trying to avoid putting an external antenna on the roof.
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