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FS: 2 New SoundSplinter RL-p15 D2 subwoofers. Shipped or pickup in Dallas area.

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  • FS: 2 New SoundSplinter RL-p15 D2 subwoofers. Shipped or pickup in Dallas area.

    SOLD****************************************SOLD** ********************************SOLD

    A recent thread in the Forum reminded me that I have two SoundSplinter RL-P15 dual 2 Ohm voice coil drivers new in boxes that have been idling in a closet. It prompted me to dig them out in search of a home where they can do what they are supposed to...not just take up space.

    These drivers were made by TC Sounds for Soundsplinter. Neither has ever been out of the box, but the open one in the photos appears to have had its top packing pilfered (probably by me for some project I can't remember...). I can easily replace it with foamboard cut to size for safe shipping, if shipping is required.

    $200 each plus shipping, or pickup in Forney, Texas (about 30 miles East of Dallas).

    Tech Details:

    Despite the working link, Soundsplinter has been closed since about 2011. Adding this edit as it occurred to me that not everyone knows this.
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    Gorgeous. But I need subs like I need another hole in the head. :D

    GLWS and hope to come into some cash!
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      Awesome subs right here!... I've got them in 15" and 12"

      The thought of owning BNIB is still sooo tempting.

      Great price.



      • #4 tempting. I'm way over subwoofered in my house, but this is a driver I've been wanting for a while. Must resist or move a few things................