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FS: ~New~ Clark Synthesis TST429 Platinum (Duluth, MN)

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  • FS: ~New~ Clark Synthesis TST429 Platinum (Duluth, MN)


    Brand new top of the line TST 429 Platinum Transducer from Clark Synthesis. I opened the box for inspection and to take photos. The unit has never been connected, installed or used in any way. It arrives to me straight from Clark Synthesis for warranty replacement.

    I initially bought this from Parts Express several months ago. At the time I also purchased a 300 watt plate amp to power it. Seemed a reasonable choice given that on the Parts Express page they indicated 160 watts RMS, and 400 watts max. Several months later when the unit quite working I sent it to Clark Synthesis for warranty repair/replacement. Unfortunately they identified the unit had been overdriven, and was therefore not covered by their 2 year warranty. As it turns out Clark Synthesis recommends just 125-150 watts for the TST 429. When I informed them that the Parts Express page for the TST 429 indicated 160 watts RMS and 400 watt max power handling, they reluctantly agreed to replace the unit.

    I decided to install a Buttkicker LFE instead of the Clark Synthesis - hence this listing. In some ways I prefer the Clark to the Buttkicker as it's response from 30hz upward seems smoother and more realistic. The Buttkicker remains relatively quiet until 30-35hz, when it comes on quite strong down through 15hz, occasionally drawing a bit too much attention to itself. Ideally I'd install both, but given the power specs on the Clark, I don't have a suitable amp on hand, and at this point I've spend way too much on my home theater.

    Again, brand new unit, direct from Clark Synthesis.

    $450 - I'll cover shipping via UPS ground and PP fees.
    $425 for local pick up

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