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Pair JBL 4648A-8

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  • Pair JBL 4648A-8

    I have a pair of JBL 4648A-8 dual 15” cabinets. Each driver is a 16 ohm 2226J and I guess that is less desireable among enthusiasts but perhaps someone would like to use them for a bass guitar project. The cabinets are very nice and have threaded inserts on top for attaching the larger format horns I’m selling elsewhere in the Classifieds

    I would like to get $250 each or both for $400. I can deliver within 100 miles of Dayton, OH. They were installed in a movie theatre as the L/R Mains for about 10 years but only in operation for about 5 years when a church bought the building but didn’t renovate the entire space until this year which is when I bought the entire theater of speakers.

    They are in excellent condition, of course. I just want them out of my garage.

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    This is a very reasonable price, and these are great set up as a 4722-type system. The 2384 horn and 2453H-SL compression driver can dig low enough to XO to these, (around 800hz), but the stock XOs for the 4722 are designed around different 15"s. The 2226 is a legend for a reason, and is easy to work with. Used shouldn't dissuade anyone, these things are very, very durable- the most common failure mode is thermal, and these have 4" coils and very capable power handling.

    Good luck with sale.


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      That’s super information, badman! They seem extremely stout although I have only run a sweep through them. If they don’t sell here or at the Midwest Audio Fest flea market then I might as well make them part of my basement HT system.