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FS: NEW Seas 7" Aluminum Cone 4Ω woofers

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  • FS: NEW Seas 7" Aluminum Cone 4Ω woofers

    Seas custom 7" (6-1/2″ nominal) 4Ω woofers based on L18RNX/P but with black anodized dustcap+cone and a low frequency optimized motor.

    Great for DIY Audio home or car use. Similar to ScanSpeak, Eton, Accuton, Morel, etc. Made in Norway.

    BNIB, $38 USD each, many available.

    4pcs, $175USD shipped to CONUS
    2pcs $95USD shipped to CONUS

    Shipping to US and Canada only. No overseas shipping - it's crazy expensive!

    • Black Aluminum Cone and Dust Cap
    • Low Loss Surround
    • Basket Outside Diameter = 176.0 mm
    • Xmax = 6.0mm (12.0mm peak to peak)

    Voice Coil
    • 39mm diameter
    • 2-layer copper wire
    • 4 Ω nominal impedance
    • Aluminum Former
    • Overhung Design

    Thiel/Small Parameters
    Free Air Resonance, Fo 29 Hz
    Moving Mass, Mms 22.18 g
    Force Factor, BL 5.4 N/A
    Impedance at Fo, Zo 31 Ω
    Voice Coil DC resistance, Rdc 3.23 Ω
    Effective Area, S 136 cm^2
    Mech. Resonance, Rmec 1.04 Ns/m
    Qms 3.9
    Qes 0.45
    Qts 0.41
    VAS 35.2 liters
    CMS 1.36 mm/N

    Suggested Enclosures


    Suggested cabinet volumes are between 7 and 15L. The latter yields a Butterworth alignment with a bass system resonance of 50Hz and a frequency response that is -3dB at 50Hz.


    Suggested cabinet volumes are between 10 and 25L. The latter yields a Butterworth alignment when tuned to 29Hz with a 2" ID x 10" port. The frequency response of this alignment is -3dB at 30Hz.

    Measurements and Example Crossover

    This custom Seas woofer was installed in a sealed enclosure and a passive crossover was designed for an acoustic 2nd order LR low pass transfer function with a crossover frequency of 2KHz. This is a great transducer for a 2 or 3 way bookshelf or tower speaker crossed over to a midrange from 100 to 750Hz or a tweeter at 2 to 3KHz.

    Attached frequency response graph with and without passive crossover (schematic also attached). Calibrated mic at 1M, 2.83V.