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FREE -- Unfinished Speaker System. Pickup only - Southern NJ

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  • carlthess40
    If you decide to ship please let me know. I can build my own boxes

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  • tomzarbo
    After reading my post I just wanted to clarify and make sure everyone knows that these are just boxes and drivers.
    They are not ready to hook up to an amp... there are no crossovers included, nor any crossovers designed for them, just the boxes and drivers.

    I think they would probably make really good garage speakers if you have the room... sealed, so no issues with critters' getting inside.
    Maybe hang them from the corners and jam out while you're wrenchin'?


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  • thekorvers
    Ah, those good old Bravox mids. I have used them a few times.

    They are actually pretty decent drivers. Smooth, with little breakup. Those were some of the better buyouts IMO. Inexpensive. I stocked up at the time. I still have some of them in both 5.5" and 6.6" versions, 6 & 12 ohm.

    GLWS! (or give-away)
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  • howard
    I wish I was closer! I love free speakers.

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  • FREE -- Unfinished Speaker System. Pickup only - Southern NJ

    Ugly speakers need love too...

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm just not going to get to these. I intended to use these for the classroom, but I already have a system there, and these just don't have a place for our home anymore. What kind of classroom needs a set of speakers with 10" woofers and an MTM on top you ask? A preschool classroom... those little kiddo's like to Rock OUT! and loud Side effect: "Baby Shark" is now my current jam -- how sad.

    Cabinets are approx. 12" wide, 14" deep, 30" tall.
    They will have 10" woofers sealed, 4-5" MTM Midranges in their own chamber, and a small tweeter. Intended to be a budget build that can get kind of loud.
    The mids sound pretty smooth if I recall, they're poly cones.

    Here is a thread from several years ago when I started these with details and cabinet volumes:

    This is a good opportunity for someone to tinker around with designing a crossover for a budget speaker. Cabinets are rough, but should smooth-out enough to veneer with nice results if you wanted to go that route.

    One speaker has drivers mounted, the other unmounted, but I have the drivers ready to go. Also, one cabinet got a little wet on the bottom when my basement flooded, but I got them out of the water fast enough and they dried out quickly with all the 20 or so air moving/drying devices the reclamation company had going in our basement. They're just a bit 'larger' in that area -- they swelled up a touch -- but I wouldn't hesitate to say they're structurally sound enough to finish up. A little sanding will be all they need. They're made of 3/4" MDF.

    Free to a good home. I won't ship these--too heavy... and I won't part the drivers out, it just doesn't make any sense to me. You gotta take them as is and all of them.

    So, if you're within an hour or two of zip code 08098 (12 minutes from Exit 2 on the NJ Turnpike) and have the space in your car, they're yours!

    Thanks for looking,