Link to what it is for those who don't know:

"In short, this is an analog adapter for transforming voltages in the range from 20 millivolts to 200 volts into the range accepted by soundcard's line input—about 1 volt. The device also offers protection for the soundcard inputs from accidental high voltages. "

Additional Info:

I purchased this about two weeks ago from a member on diyaudio. Three days later my car stalled out at work and I had to get repairs done to the tune of $470, which dipped in to my ‘fun’ money and thus, I am selling the soundcard interface to recoup some of my funds.

The seller had lined the case in copper foil and also used the current limit bulbs that are supposed to reduce noise.


I’m asking $210 shipped, CONUS. Which is what I paid. To order the parts and build it yourself the cost would be $260+.