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Free Speaker Components Treasure Trove - Cincinnati

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  • Free Speaker Components Treasure Trove - Cincinnati

    I need to reclaim storage space and am finally admitting to myself that I’m not going to build speakers anymore so have a number of items that I’ll give to a DIY’er. Local Pickup only in West Chester OH ( north Cincinnati). If you want this trove you have to take all of it, I don’t want to deal with it one item at a time. PM me if interested or call me at 513-886-0842.

    Here’s the list:

    2 Heil Air Motion Transformers from the early 70’s when they first came out. These are the large, heavy dipole units and have the original diaphragms as well as newer spares never used.
    Crossover point for these was as low as 750Hz in the ESS AMT1 and AMT3 speakers and 1K for higher power applications. A true piece of Loudspeaker History. Nearly resistive impedance makes for easy crossover work.

    All drivers below are new , in box, never used

    Usher Drivers:
    2 pieces T9950 tweeters, and 4 pieces 8945a carbon fiber cone midwoofers ( aka Scanspeak clone )
    With article on Joe D’Appolito design with these drivers for the Usher 737 speaker ( includes xover schematic)
    High Quality Crossover components including the one’s needed to make the D’Appolito designed crossover for the Usher drivers

    Creative Sound Solutions: 4 pieces WR125 “full range” drivers new in box

    Subwoofer Components: all new in box
    Stryke Audio (now Acoustic Elegance)
    2 15” Aluminum Cone Passive Radiators
    12” Aluminum Cone Subwoofer
    PE 1000 Watt Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
    Partially completed cabinet designed for these drivers and amp

    Misc Cabinet parts , spikes, termination cups, 2 - 4” Precision Port tubes
    Misc other small drivers, Speaker Builder Magazines from the 90’s , D'Appolito Measuring Loudspeakers Book
    Measurement mic, Signal generator ,Frequency Counter and Oscilloscope
    Also available partly completed veneered cabinet panels and makore veneer

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    WOW, I wish I was in Ohio...


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      If its still available I will take it and I can pickup Saturday


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        These now have a new home - thanks for all the interest.