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Stentorian parts kit - Northern California

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  • Stentorian parts kit - Northern California

    Years and years back when the NS6 was available on closeout I bought enough parts to assemble a pair of Stentorian's and a pair of StenII's. Last year finally got around to assembling the StenII's but couldn't get them to my liking (

    I haven't attempted the Stentorian yet at all and at this point would like to sell them off. They are as new as I got them - drivers haven't seen any signals and crossover parts have not seen a soldering iron. The 2.7mh inductor spec'd was not available and I substituted a heavy duty Erse part. Each one of those alone was $20. How about $250?

    If you would like the StenII parts I can include those drivers as well - they are still in good shape. Just note the crossovers will be assembled. $50?

    I want to keep the kit whole, would rather not separate the crossover parts. Paypal only. Let's say $40 shipping CONUS? If it ends up shipping is cheaper by more then $5 I'll refund the difference

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    No bites? How about $200?


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      Stentorian parts sold. I still have the StenII bits with the upgraded inductors. $50 shipped? No boxes, just the assembled crossovers and drivers.