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FS: NAD 216 THX amplifier

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  • FS: NAD 216 THX amplifier

    Hoping to find a good home for my beloved NAD 216 amplifier. I bought this off of eBay and the prior owner had a catastrophic event on the left channel.
    I proceeded to rebuild the entire left channel and at the same time tested and replaced any out-of spec components in the entire amplifier. I have also added a IEC plug on the rear.

    An overview what I did to the amplifier:
    - replaced all power transistors on left channel, matched with higher power replacements
    - removed and tested all small signal/driver transistors, replacing any out-of-spec
    - replaced all Capacitors, power supply and both amp boards (replaced with Nichicon PS 105-degree parts, unsure what the small value caps are)
    - replaced protection/soft-start relay with a Omron G2R-2-DC48 clear housing relay
    - replaced the signal wires with Mogami instrument shielded cable as well as new locking connectors
    - replaced the low-level and protection cables, with new JST connectors

    Amp is in very good condition, from the outside I would say 7-8/10 conservatively (minor scratches on top of front panel - had trouble getting pics to show it). It includes the rear speaker connector cover, which is never retained. It does show a few spots of rush on the inside of the case, due to one small capacitor blowing and the electrolyte was not cleaned up immediately.
    I have tested the amp under dummy load as well as listened to it for close to two years - works flawlessly. I have also recently checked/set the bias and speaker offset to NAD's spec.

    Under 8-ohm dummy load with a rating of 125 watts in to 8r - with the soft clipping - goes to 138 watts, without soft clipping will get 152 watts. Rated at 200 watts on 4-ohm, and I tested with soft-clipping at 223 watts, with 243 without soft-clipping. You can also get 400 watts bridged-mono into 8-ohms. Very versatile old school, high-current amplifier.

    Price is $300 + shipping (probably $50+, it weighs 35 pounds), would prefer local pick-up in SE Michigan area. Really enjoyed this amp, but too many right now and it needs to find a good home!

    Happy to answer any questions - have perfect rating on eBay and been a member on this forum for a few years.

    The "SB's" build page

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    More Pictures

    The "SB's" build page


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      Up!!! How about $250.

      The "SB's" build page