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Acoustic room treatment panels and bass traps

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  • Acoustic room treatment panels and bass traps

    For sale is a set of acoustic room treatment panels and bass traps that will improve the sound quality of any room. Would be great for a home theater, studio, business space or office, or large living areas/rooms! Get rid of echo, hard surface reflections, and muddiness in your room. Enjoy crisper sound, tighter bass, and a less fatiguing listening experience. Much more effective than foam and other cheap alternatives.

    I built these because the cost of name brand manufactured acoustic panels is extravagant, and I used the same top of the line components that the manufactured products use.

    The lot includes 18 wide band panels that each contain a 48"x24"x4" slab of semi-rigid Owens Corning 703 acoustic insulation. These are housed in an MDF frame and wrapped in batting with a burlap cover. A French cleat on the back allows for easy wall mounting. 6 of the panels are set up to be mounted on a ceiling, but can be wall mounted as well as all the frames are identical. Finished size is 49"x25"x5". They are not heavy and they look great.

    Also have 9 bass traps. These are set or mounted in corners where bass frequencies are amplified and bass can reflect back into the room, muddying the room's bass response (stand in a corner of an untreated room with bass heavy music on a powerful system and you'll hear!). These contain standard pink fiberglass insulation in a wooden frame and are wrapped in batting and muslin fabric. These weren't designed to be seen (usually tucked away in corners or behind aesthetic coverings). 8 of these traps are 15"x15"x48.5", and 1 is 15"x13.5"x75".

    Also have 4 smaller wide band traps that use Roxul industrial sound insulation. These are about 15"x2"x48". These 4 are each different as these were my prototypes but they are all equally effective.

    Asking $1,200 for the lot. Comparable name-brand wide-band panels will cost you between $65-100 per panel before shipping. Comparable bass traps go for $90 and up before shipping. I will include the wall and ceiling mounts. Selling because I am moving and won't have a dedicated stereo room that needs treatment. I can take these with me, but wanted to see if there was any interest locally. Located in Colorado Springs.

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