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Trying to make 5.1 home theater system

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  • Trying to make 5.1 home theater system

    Hello guys

    I am planning to build a 5.1 or 5.1.2 home theater system.
    Actually i dont know anything about it and i made a resarch about it.

    I want to build 4 bookshelf and 1 center. I dont want to build a tower speaker, i want 2 way crossover bookshelf.

    ​​​​It will be used for movies most of it and maybe sometime for listening music. These are the parts that i choose. x6

    ​​​​​ x5

    The center speaker has 2 mid and 1 Tweeter. Bookshelfs will be build 1 mid and 1 Tweeter.

    And probably it will the sub.


    First of all, are these parts good for a home theater system. If they not, please offer me parts instead of them with similar price.

    Thank you

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    Oh my. There's so much you don't know, it's hard to say where to start, but you COULD read "Speakerbuilding 201" by Ray Alden (sc).

    Those parts won't be good (for ANYthing) the way I think you're intending on using them.
    I've never really heard anyone refer to a 10" as a "mid".
    How big do you think your bookshelf boxes will be? ?
    (Try some box sims using WinISD from - (sc? - can't remember?)). It's FREE after all.

    If you want a 2-way, about a 7" woofer comes to mind.
    Who's going to design your XO (crossover)?

    A decent 12" sub would probably rattle your fillings, but who knows, maybe you NEED an 18"? ?

    Why not just build someone else's "proven" design. It's STILL a heck-of-a-lot of work, and you'll learn as you go, BUT . . .
    you'll end up w/something that's good>GREAT for your time and money inve$tment.

    Just sayin'.
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      Thank you, Actually i have choose 10 inches for being 22.9 hz.

      Can you please offer me anything that will be better instead of them. Actually i can pay 2k grand nearly if it is neccessery. You can offer me any parts for a good home theater system, 7 inç or 10 inç. It doesnt matter for me.


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        How low a driver can go isn't solely determined by its "Fs". It's determined by its Fs AND "Qts", AND the box design.

        If you look at PE's recommendations, they say that woofer should do mid 60s in a 1/2 cu.ft. "closed" box, and mid 40s in a vented (ported) box closer to double that size.

        You can go lower than mid 40s w/many 8", 7", and 6" woofers, and even some 5" and 4"ers. Besides, if you're using a subwoofer anyway, let THAT do 30Hz and limit your bookshelves to 40, or even 50. Makes sense?


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          As i said, i dont have any idea about it and for that reason i have asked you.

          Please offer 8-7-6 inç whatever you want and i will search it.

          I have tought that bigger is better, classic tought.

          Can you please offer me mid and Tweeter for home theater system? Actually price is not important. I am planning to buy and build it and after that i can use them for 20 years.

          Edit : do i know it wrong, a 22.9 hz speaker wont be better than a 30-40 hz for movies for lower sound? Size doesnt matter i want them big but if you suggest anything instead of it, i can buy it.

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            Here are some well constructed bookshelf cabinets. Although the rs225 and rst28 are still available, the original versions have been superseded so a new crossover, or modification of the old crossover will be needed.



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              So you are telling that rs225 and rst28 will be better than i choose for home theater system. They will be made crossover as you said. Size doesnt matter for me and actually price doesnt matter for me also. For these circumstances, you are offering me rs225 and rst28. Do we agree?

              The prieces are good, i can even build 7.1.2 (:


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                IMO, it will be extremely difficult to get the 10" woofer and amt tweeter you linked happily married to each other. Not saying it cannot be done because they're some smart people on this board that design/build some amazing sounding speakers who will prove me wrong.
                The rst28 is not the equal of the old rs28 it replaces in terms of sound or quality control, but, again IMO, the new versions of these drivers can work. The link is to an add for some solidly built cabinets ready for the rs225 and rs28/rst28. You will need to modify the old crossover, if the seller still has them, or build new crossovers.
                Here are some links to various designs that may help you choose your next project.


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                  Okay. My final question.

                  What is the best speakers for home theater system, the price is not important. Please send me links for a 2 way crossover with a mid and tweeter and subwoofer and also capacitors,inductors whatever i need for building a two way crossover on part express. As i said, price is not important. I want a good sound and i want to use them for a long time.

                  Cabinets can be build, it doesnt matter for me i like working with Woods.


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                    I would suggest following the links in post #8 and decide from there. The first link is of Paul Carmondy's designs, the second link is Curt and Jim's work, both are very highly regarded designers. The third link tells a bit more about choosing a speaker while showcasing many designs from many differing designers. Design specs, or links to those specs, are posted on their websites.


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                      I am already searching Cabinets designs but my main question is about speakers.

                      Can you please offer me speaker? For example the third link you have send me has an home theater system design and i can build a similar design with it. But can you please offer me high end speakers instead of hivi?



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                        Originally posted by angedechu View Post
                        I am already searching Cabinets designs but my main question is about speakers.

                        Can you please offer me speaker? For example the third link you have send me has an home theater system design and i can build a similar design with it. But can you please offer me high end speakers instead of hivi?

                        If you do that you will have to change the crossovers, and that's clearly beyond your knowledge.
                        To be honest it seems that with the limited budget (you said that your budget is 2K) and capabilities, the best that you can do is buy and already made speaker set (maybe some elac), and start to work on your HT.

                        Or maybe these guys can recommend you some kits.


                        They will recommend you some stuff to assemble.


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                          As i said, price is not important for me. 2000 usd or 4000 usd, i can pay.

                          I dont want to build a kit. I want to build them all my self. I got plenty of tools. But as i said, i want to build them, not not buying kits.

                          I am begging you please, Just offer me a good mid range and a good tweeter. After that trust me i can build it.

                          Please Just send me a good mid range and tweeter links and the other components for two way crossover. I can deal rest of it.


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                            Seas, Scan-Speak, Accuton, RAAL, ...

                            It's a long list, BUT -

                            drivers are nothing w/out near-perfect box and XO design.


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                              Some bright folks are trying to redirect your focus. The crossover and the box alignment (size and configuration) are arguably more important than the drivers. You started out with a 10" woofer matched to a tweeter. Have you seen one of those in the last 50 years? They don't match up well together. Most 8" drivers won't blend with a tweeter alone either, for all kinds of reasons (we can lead you to the books to learn).

                              That's why you see 2 ways with 5,6,7" mid bass drivers - rarely larger. The point here is already made by others. Don't start with looking a pictures of drivers you want. You need to start with a plan, especially if you're looking to spend that kind of money. What do you want this system to do, where, how big is the room, what kind of equipment are you using to drive the system, all HT or some music?

                              Starting with picking drivers without knowledge of what parameters make them work well together and without the knowledge and tools to build the proper crossover will lead to disappointment and wasted cash. We know (heard it a thousand times) you want to build your own from ground up, but you don't have the experience and knowledge.

                              Join a happy club - I have build 50+ systems, judiciously selecting other people's successful designs over the past thirty years. But I still can't design a proper crossover, I simply don't have the time to learn. I have too many other distractions. I guess I need to retire first. But I find great joy in building cabinets, assembling crossovers and at the end of the day, listening to great speakers. Great speakers with no misfires, no wasted time, no wasted cash, just a progression from good to better to jaw dropping.