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Trying to make 5.1 home theater system

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    Originally posted by angedechu View Post
    As i said, price is not important for me. 2000 usd or 4000 usd, i can pay.

    I dont want to build a kit.

    Please Just send me a good mid range and tweeter links and the other components for two way crossover. I can deal rest of it.
    What you're describing is a kit without the box. Available all over the web.


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      an easy path for a 5.2 system you would be happy with and it would be a fun project given your skill level at this point. Consider buying parts for these:

      2 - Zaph|Audio ZA5.2 TM 2-Way, for rear channels $249/pair
      1 - Zaph|Audio ZA5.2 TM 2-Way, for center channel $165
      2 - Zaph|Audio ZA5.3 MTM for front channels left and right $333/pair

      2 - 12" subs $488/pair
      2- sub amps $400/pair (lots of options here)

      You're in with parts sets and a proven design for a matched system that will knock your socks off. All for approximately $1700 shipped, you supply most of the wood.

      Having two 12" subs is going to be better than a single 18" sub. Placement of the subs is critical and having two of them makes placement easier to smooth the response across the room.

      The zaph audio designs and parts are available from numerous sites.


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        The point is that you NEED to learn, is not a about budget! Grab a kit, practice, buy a book, learn to do the right questions and after some time, MAYBE you can learn to design something.