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Epique CBT36 by Don Keele

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  • Epique CBT36 by Don Keele

    I have an assembled pair I am willing to sell. I would think that most P-E customers who open this message would know the CBT36 well, but I will give a summary.

    These amazing speakers are like line arrays, over 5' tall. They sold as kits through P-E from circa 2012 to 2019 for $2000/pair. I have seen documentation that the assembled units were $6,000 and $8,000 at different times, but I could never find any actually available. The assembled units are much more expensive because the assembly is so detailed, especially the cabinet painting. Mine has fill layers, primer layers color layers and clear coat layers.

    If you do a Google search (not a P-E site search) you will find lots of information on the product on the P-E website. But you will not find it if you search P-E directly.

    Are you interested in the long story? I will be installing floor-to-ceiling line arrays made with the same mid-bass and tweeters as the CBT36s. I built these curved speakers in order to confirm that I wanted to build a house around them, and I am doing that now. But I hope someone is interested in buying these finished ones for more than the kit cost, because I will not be using the assembled and painted (medium red garnet and black, as shown in all the literature) speakers Click image for larger version

Name:	CBT36FilePhoto.jpg
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ID:	1448626 . I can still manage to get enough parts together to make my floor-to-ceiling versions even if I sell a pair.

    If I do not find any buyers (and I will wait a couple months to see if I do not, and even try eBay), then I might be willing to sell the finished cabinets without drivers. I have unfinished cabinets, too.

    My asking price for the assembled, complete CBT36 pair, with a programmed miniDSP crossover, is $3500 including shipping in the 48 states, but requiring reassembly. (I will remove the bases and ship them separately; they are easily reattached with some bolts according to the included kit instructions. I may also be forced to ship the front baffle with drivers separately for economy of shipping; that can be reattached with 18 screws. We can figure out shipping if anyone is interested. If someone wants it shipped fully assembled, the cost is likely to be many hundreds of dollars higher.)

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    Where are you located?


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      Santa Rosa, California. I see that one can click on the icon (avatar) of a poster to find that you are in Bakersfield.


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        I have found no interest so far. So I am listing these speakers on Craigslist. They might sell soon.